What bothers you at work?


What sorts of things bother you at work?

Specifically, what do other people do that bothers you?

Most of the people who email me do so with regards to one issue that bothers them and that’s favoritism directed towards other staff to the detriment of them (i.e. the person emailing me). In your work environment there are probably many things that could potentially bother you beyond favoritism.

I’m a pretty agreeable person I think and I suspect most people who know me would say the say but there are a few things that other people do at work that bothers me. Here are the big ones:

1. They show up to work when they’re sick. And they think that the rest of us will be impressed that they took one for the team and came in even when they were under the weather, sneezing and coughing away and most likely making the rest of us ill too. I used to work with a woman who routinely came in sick and made it a point of telling everyone loudly how sick she was and clearly thought the rest of the us would be talking amongst ourselves about what a trooper she was. There was talking behind her back alright but it wasn’t positive.

2. They take credit for other people’s work. You’ve probably worked with someone like this, too. The person who either blatantly takes credit for something they didn’t do – some managers are good at this as you may have found out – or who takes part in a group project by contributing virtually nothing but who is always available to ensure everyone else directs the credit in their direction.

3. The talker who gossips even when you’re busy and can’t take a hint that you don’t have time to talk. This person is the reason they need to build office doors with locks. This is the person who doesn’t have enough to do or who is simply lazy and keeps themselves busy by wasting your time.

These are the ones that bother me although truthfully #2 and #3 are ones I’ve experienced recently.

What bothers you about your workmates? What do you think bothers them about you?

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