Protecting Your Bike From Theft

by Carl

Work and personal life issues can really get you down but exercise can help to pick you back up and keep you sane. One of my favorite activities especially when the weather is nice is go out biking. I bought a mountain bike a few years ago and realized pretty quickly how much fun it can be especially during the summer. Of course if you’re getting out and about and have a need to leave your bike unattended for awhile, you’re going to need a lock(s) to keep you bike safe from thieves. Bike theft is one of the more common thefts and it’s one that in many cases can be prevented. Check out some of the best bike lock tips to keep in mind to help keep your bicycle safe and secure.

In addition to learning how to properly lock your bike – the above mentioned URL shows some of the tips and mistakes that people often make – you’ll of course want to also invest in a good quality lock. I ended up picking both a U-Lock and cable lock to use in combination with each other. I figured that using two locks would make it a little bit more difficult for someone to steal my bike or at a minimum, make it less likely that a thief would bother spending any time on my bike and would simply move to the next bike that wasn’t locked as well. I figured it was worth a try anyways. So far, so good too, as I’ve not been victim of bike theft.

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