7 Countries You Can Easily Relocate To For Work

by Carl

If you’re planning to relocate to a different country for work, you may want to consider several aspects. One main aspect is the ease of relocation. Countries that welcome foreign workers to contribute to their work or business force usually make the relocation process easier. Here are 7 such countries.

1. The United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a melting pot of people from different cultures who have relocated for work. What’s more, you can work in Dubai, Muscat or any other UAE nation without paying any income tax. Look for jobs on Monster or Yahoo and apply. If accepted, your employer will sponsor your travel visa and work permit. Other formalities such as a health card on arrival followed by a residency permit on your passport follow. There are separate formalities for those who want to work in the government sector or in the manual labor sector. Residence visas have to be renewed every three years.

2. Canada

Many companies in Canada are willing to hire foreigners. People who want to relocate to Canada can look for job openings and apply. An employment letter is all you need to secure your work permit and travel visa from the Canadian Embassy/high Commission. If you are from a developing country, there’s another way to easily relocate for work. You can file an application with the city council of the Canadian city of your choice and if accepted, can easily relocate to that city and work.

3. Australia

Australia has some of the easiest processes for work-based relocation. There’s the 12 month working holiday visa which is sponsored for citizens of the US, UK, Japan and a few other countries, which allows a person to work and eventually relocate. There are skilled migratory programs which help skilled workers to migrate and relocate efficiently. There are also business relocation programs for people who are willing to invest heavily in Australia. Australia opens its residentship and eventual citizenship doors to people who relocate on work basis as well.

4. New Zealand

You can relocate to New Zealand on work basis through several means. If you are a key employee of a business that wants to open a branch or relocate to New Zealand, you can directly apply for NZ residence under the Employees of Relocating Businesses Category. If you want to look for a job in NZ, you have to first apply for residence; if this is approved, you will be asked to apply for a temporary work visa. You can visit NZ using this visa, look for a job and make relocation arrangements for you and your family. Your dependent family will need to apply for student or visitor visa in order to accompany you to NZ. Note that you must pay income tax on both your NZ earnings and whatever you earn overseas.

5. Spain

Salaries in Spain are not equal to UK salaries but quality of life is good. As a result, a number of people from different parts of the world are relocating to Spain. Spanish employers prefer to personally interview candidates so you need to go over there on a temporary visa first. It helps if you have a Spanish address as well. Once you land the job, you can apply for a residence card (not compulsory for EU nationals). A temporary residence card allows you to stay and work for 3 months to a year and an ordinary residence card is valid from 1 to 5 years, after which you can renew it.

6. Malaysia

Malaysian doors are not open to citizens of Serbia, Yugoslavia and Israel. However, if you belong to any other nation, you can either look for a job in Malaysia or open a business there. You will need to apply for a job, be interviewed over phone and in person and get the appointment letter. Once this is done, you’ll have to apply for your immigration visa. If you are opening a business, you will need to place a fixed deposit of a certain amount in a Malaysian bank once your Visa is approved. You and your family can get a 10 year renewable visa.

7. Singapore

Singapore actively seeks to hire people for its various job industries. About six in ten jobs go to foreigners in Singapore. Workers can migrate to Singapore after job approval on the Employment Pass which is a temporary work visa which is valid initially for 1 to 2 years. The Entrepreneur Pass is for workers of foreign companies which relocate to Singapore. The S Pass is for people with middle level skilled employees. Relocating to Singapore for work is fairly easy as the country welcomes foreign workers. Singapore’s quality of life, strict laws and prosperity make it a magnet for job relocations.

The article is written by Judy a contributor for Adrenaline, An Australian company that specializes in extreme adventures and experiences all over Australia.

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