Where To Find The Latest In Educational Resources in Australia

by Carl

Teaching someone something isn’t easy, whether it is a classroom full of kids or your own little bundle of joy, so make life easier on yourself by getting some great educational supplies. Sometimes the way you try to teach something makes all the difference, and it’s always just a matter of finding the right way. Over the last 20 years there has been an incredible influx of new and amazing educational resources, making learning more fun for everyone involved, so be one of the cool teachers and pick up some gear from the following provider’s of educational resources.

SMART Technologies

This is where you’ll find the educational tool that is revolutionising education around the world; that is of course, the SMART board. The SMART board is an interactive white board that effectively allows students to interact with it via touch, bringing a way more hands on dimension to their learning. Also the creators of SMART Podium, SMART Table and of course the brilliant SMART Response, if you are looking for something special and amazing to improve learning in your classroom, talk to SMART Technologies.


This great company offers some of the best educational supplies available, especially when it comes to literacy. Lioncrest offers tools and educational resources for students from kindergarten to secondary school, so no matter what level of reading they are at, there are resources available here to help them.


Australia’s leading suppliers of educational resources in Australia, Wooldridges has been the place teachers have relied on for over 40 years. As soon as the latest educational resources come out, Wooldridges has them in store for you, so whether you are looking for an interactive whiteboard for your hotel school or literacy games for your primary school aged kid, this is where you’ll find it. Educational resources here include literacy, mathematics, science and discovery, puppets, music and skills development.

Modern Teaching Aids

If you have a mechanically minded child, or are just looking for fun and creative things to do with your niece or nephew, Modern Teaching Aids consistently has some of the newest and best educational resources in Australia.  You can find almost anything here as far as creative toys and tools go, including some pretty impressive robotics. If you need anything at all for your modern learning and or teaching needs, you are sure to find some great options here.

Moore Educational

While classrooms have been swept by new technology, one of the mainstays throughout all of this has been the ever-innovative Lego. Still a favourite among young and old alike, Lego has continued to be at the forefront of education in Australia, with it’s MINDSTORMS Robotics, lauded by many to be the best educational resource for teaching about programming and control. Moore Educational is the Australian supplier or Lego; so if you are looking for a great teaching tool, talk to these guys about the latest in Lego.

Getting hold of the latest educational supplies these days is as easy as jumping on the Internet and ordering online, so do some research and find out about what is available, and you might just find that perfect tool.

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